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What is a certified translation and when is it needed?

A certified translation is a stamped and signed document, declaring that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the original document.

Certified translations are used when presenting legal or official documents to Maltese legal authorities, government agencies and official institutions. Here are some examples of documents that may require such certification:

  1. Business documents

  2. Legal documents

  3. Immigration documents

  4. Academic documents

Business documents

Businesses dealing with international transactions or legal matters, need certified translations to ensure that the translated documents are accepted and legally recognised in the relevant jurisdiction. Some examples of documents which may need certified translations are: memorandums of association, certificates of incorporation, financial statements and insurance policies.

Legal documents

Legal documents, including contracts, deeds and affidavits are crucial in legal and business transactions. They establish rights, obligations, and agreements between parties and therefore require accuracy and precision in language. Certified translations of legal documents provide assurance that the translation process was conducted by professional translators with expertise in legal terminology. This expertise is crucial to accurately convey the correct meaning of the original document, reducing the risk of misinterpretation or misunderstanding.

Immigration documents

Immigration documents such as visas, passports and residency permits, and supporting documents like birth certificates and marriage certificates often require certified translations. The Maltese authorities accept translations of these documents into both English and Maltese. We normally suggest to have these translated into English so that they may be used again in the future, both within Malta and potentially in other English-speaking countries.

Academic documents

Accurate translations of academic documents are crucial for individuals seeking educational opportunities, employment, or professional certifications in countries where the primary language differs from the language of the original documents. Examples of academic documents which might need certified translations are: diplomas & degrees, transcripts, certificates of achievement and letters of recommendation.

We are specialised in providing certified translations to both individuals and businesses in more than 20 languages. Our certified translations are recognised by all Maltese government bodies.

If you need a certified translation, please send us copies of your documents by email on We’ll be happy to help!

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