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Localization to help you appeal to more consumers

We don’t only translate documents. We can help with translating your online content. When you localize your content, your organisation has a better chance at reaching a new audience, building credibility and increasing sales. It can also help with building loyalty among existing customers.

We can adapt your content to a specific market or location to make it more culturally suitable and accessible.

Layout & design: adjusting of layouts & designs to display translated text properly.

Format: use of proper formatting for dates, addresses and phone numbers.

Content: ensuring content suits the target consumers' preferences.

Elements: converting elements such as currencies and units of measurements.

What we localize


Adapt your website content to the language and culture of the target market to ensure that each page makes sense in a linguistic and cultural context.

User Interfaces

Improve user experience by giving your potential customer the option to change the language of the UI to their own native language.

Product manuals

Ensure proper usage and safety of your product in several languages. We localize all product information including instructions and units of measurement.

Marketing material

Expand your brand reach and enhance the consumer experience by localizing ads, brochures, newsletters, fact sheets and more.

Online help functions

Localized online help can allow your customers to resolve an issue without having to contact customer support.

Training material

Providing training material in more than one language can help you reach a higher amount of potential customers and learners.

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