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We have been offering translation services in more than 20 languages since 2018. TARA was founded by Jeanelle Gladwish on a vision to create a space where both customers and translators feel valued, understood and respected.


We work with skilled human translators on all our projects to deliver high-quality translations, every time. We take pride in being known for providing excellent customer service and for being people-oriented.

Our values


We are committed to always deliver excellent projects, on time, no matter what it takes.


We communicate with transparency and integrity. We are honest and respectful towards you at all times.


Our passion for languages makes us handle each project with great energy and enthusiasm.


We believe that to reach a goal, we must work together as a team. We encourage our translators to share ideas freely.

Jeanelle Gladwish
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Meet the founder

In her previous employment as a project manager, and through her large network of translators, Jeanelle discovered that translation agencies were known for treating freelance translators as "just another resource”. This didn’t sit well with her. She believed that it was important to build a good working relationship with the translators she worked with on a daily basis. That’s what led her to embark on building this business - to do things differently. 


Jeanelle is very hands-on and she continues to handle the project management part of the business. For her, running a small agency also means that she can be selective with the type of clients and translators she works with, which helps ensure that our translations are accurate and reliable. 


If you're looking for a translation partner who is an all-rounder and who delivers translations in a timely manner, look no further. She’s it. 

Meet the founder

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