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Proofreading and editing to give your words a final polish

By proofreading your own work, you run a risk of missing errors, like a misspelled word, or an omitted comma. It is common knowledge that it is easier to spot typos in texts other people have written than finding them in your own writing. We can help you identify and eliminate these kind of errors.

Proofreaders check and correct grammar, spelling, typos, punctuation and syntax to improve your documents.​

Grammar: to identify and correct those hard-to-see mistakes.

Spelling: to make sure that every comma, colon and full stop is placed correctly.

Punctuation: to check that the right homonym (words that sound the same but have different meanings, like they‘re, their and there) is used in a given sentence.

Structure: to make sure all sentences are clear and to the point.

Apart from providing certified translations, which is what we are mainly focused on, we also offer proofreading services.

What we proofread

Academic material

Writing an excellent dissertation or thesis requires hard work. Sometimes the style and formatting might not align with the guidelines you were meant to follow, or you might have grammar, spelling and/or punctuation errors. This can result in failing to achieve the desired degree. The same can happen when writing an essay or assignment. We can help you avoid these problems and consequences. Send us your document(s) and we will gladly help you succeed by checking and correcting your language and formatting.

Business material

Avoiding errors in your professional documents is key to make a good impression of yourself and/or your business. Even if you are offering a great product or service, when your potential client sees an error, he/she will focus on the error, instead of your offer. Let us eliminate grammatical errors, typos and misspellings for you. We will be happy to help you increase your customer base. We can proofread business plans, reports, marketing and advertising material, like brochures and posters and other professional documents.


A manuscript is something you spend a lot of time working on. You go over it, again and again. When it's finally time to send it off to your agent or publisher, why not check your manuscript one last time? Get your novel, short story, poetry or biography reviewed by us. We will spot and correct any errors in the text which may have gone unnoticed.

Website content

For businesses, a website is more important than ever. Selling good products or services is vital for success, but so is a well executed website. You wouldn't want to give a bad impression to a prospective client just because of poorly written content. Let us make sure that your content is free from punctuation and spelling errors.

What you get

Edited text: You will get an edited version of your text which will include tracked changes, so you can see which amendments were made.

Suggestions: The edited text will also include suggestions to improve clarity, flow and structure, where needed.

Additional Comments: If there are any other issues or concerns regarding your text, we will leave comments, which can then be discussed further.

If you need help with proofreading, please send us an email on We’re always happy to help!

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