Announcing our refreshed look

We are excited to announce that our new website is now live. The updated website has a more minimal design, with black and white colours and just a little touch of blue, which reflects our trustworthiness, reliability and communication. The use of larger fonts is merely a representation of what TARA is all about — a world of written words.

Photo of Macbook with website welcome page

The changes to our website are also a way for us to announce that in the last year we have made a transition and are now working mainly with the marketing, tourism and software industries. Through our services page, you can discover how we can help you attract more customers, boost online visibility and increase business revenue.

This blog is also a new website feature. We'll be keeping you updated with our news and we’ll provide you with more information about our services and how they can help you and your business.

With this new design, we wanted to make our website easier to navigate, make sure our message is clearly conveyed and generally improve user experience.

Our logo

Today we are also launching our new logo. We loved the old logo, but it needed a change.

Our first logo was already a simple one, but its grey and yellow, when placed on any colour other than white, didn’t look so good. We changed the grey to black, but this still didn’t resolve our issue with the yellow colour.

As you may have noticed, our business name is written in ALL CAPS format on all our online platforms and printed materials. The old logo did not reflect this. It also didn’t include our tagline, anywhere.

Furthermore, we wanted our new logo to have a more minimal and professional look.

So here it is, our new logo — with two variations, one with our tagline, and one without.

Over the next few hours, you’ll see the logo being updated on all our online platforms.

We hope you like the changes we’ve made, and if you have any feedback, please do let us know via Facebook or LinkedIn.

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