Transcription services

Audio & video transcription to share content in several ways.

The amount of recorded content has increased drastically in the past years, but listening to a podcast or watching a video is sometimes not an option. If you provide content in audio format only, there is a high chance that you are missing out on reaching a bigger audience. 


Providing transcripts can help solve this problem. Our professional transcribers will convert your audio or video into text, so that those who are unable to hear your message, will be able to read it. We guarantee speed, accuracy and the quality you require.

Transform spoken communication into written communication

Benefits of transcription

Improve accessibility

A transcript provides an alternative way for people to interact with your audio or video content. You can reach a larger audience if your content is available for people with different abilities, from those who are hard of hearing to those who are visually impaired. 

Repurpose content

Transcription makes it easier to create articles and social media content. A podcast or video recording can be turned into a blog post. A transcript can also be a great resource for social media content. One recording can be repurposed into several posts. 

Enhance engagement

Providing text along with your video or audio content helps your viewers to better understand the information being communicated. Viewers can also easily forward the text to friends and family, which results in reaching a wider audience. 

Boost SEO

Posting a transcript of your video or audio online improves your search engine rankings massively. A transcript will make your video or audio searchable and easier for your audience to find. This will make your content more popular and competitive.

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