Subtitling services

Subtitles and closed captions to assist with comprehension.

Adding subtitles or closed captions to your videos can have a great effect on how successful your videos are. Some people cannot, or do not, turn on audio. There are others who have hearing problems. Including subtitles or closed captions will help your video reach these viewers too. 

Subtitles and closed captions also improve comprehension. Some people prefer to watch a TV show or a film with subtitles, even if they understand the language. Combining video and text provides a better experience. 


It could also be that your target audience does not speak your language. We can add subtitles in different languages so that your content can be understood just the same. 

Increase accessibility, encourage better engagement and widen reach & availability.

What we can help you with

Social media videos

Research shows that captioned social media videos reach a significantly higher amount of people. Captions not only help you get your message across, they also help your content perform better on search engines.

Films & TV shows

Subtitled films & TV shows have been around for many years. Apart from allowing viewers to watch and understand a film in a language they do not know, subtitles can help them grow their vocabulary and can reinforce foreign language learning.

Video tutorials & courses

Captions and subtitles can boost engagement and comprehension when online learning. Surveys show that students have used closed captions to improve focus, to retain information and also as a solution for poor audio quality.  

Video ads

Adding captions to your ads will allow people to understand your video even when they cannot or do not want to switch on the sound. Studies show that captioned video ads increase video view time by an average of 12 per cent.

Corporate videos

Text combined with video makes sure that your message comes across clearly. It also helps viewers remain focused and engaged with your video. With multilingual subtitles, you will be able to reach both local and global audiences.


Travel or cultural documentaries are often multilingual and may require translated subtitles. This involves transcribing foreign speech, translating the transcription and then formatting the captions to make sure the style complements the documentary.

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