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Should you translate your blog?

Business blogging leads to 55% more website visitors and 87% more inbound links. This results in higher search engine ranking and more people to convert to leads and sales.

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If your aim is to reach an international audience, you probably had your website copy translated into other languages. But what about your blog?

Let’s look at this scenario. A potential customer is visiting your website, which is available in his/her native language (let’s say it’s Spanish), great! The customer is interested in what you’re selling but wants to get more information, also great! He/she clicks on the blog, only to realise that the posts are available in English only. What do you think will happen? Your customer will probably just leave your page and look for a similar product or service elsewhere. Bam! You just lost a potential customer.

Recent market research found that blogs are usually considered more genuine and trustworthy than retail sites and brand sites. When you blog, you shape the opinions of consumers and gain their trust. Wouldn’t you want to also gain the trust of consumers who’s native language is different from yours?

Another reason why you should consider translating your blog is SEO. You most probably know that posting fresh and useful content frequently and consistently is critical for SEO ranking. When you translate your content, you basically end up with new content. Yes, Google sees translated content as new content, when done correctly — more about this in our next blog post.

When you reuse your content in multiple languages, you are basically creating more pages on your website. This means that you have more pages from which to have internal links. Internal links help Google understand which pages are the most important pages on your website. Pages with a lot of internal links are considered to be more important than those with fewer links. This also helps with your SEO ranking.

So to summarise, if you are targeting an international audience, already have a multilingual website, want to gain consumer trust, want to improve your SEO ranking and want to increase your business revenue, you should probably start translating your blog too!

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