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How localization can help your business grow globally

Statistics show that 76% of online shoppers prefer to purchase products and services with information in their own native language. Moreover, 40% of these shoppers never buy from websites in languages other than their own.

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Does this mean that you need to translate your content into the native language of your target market? The answer is yes, but there’s more to it.

Simply translating content from one language to another is not enough. Other aspects also need to be taken into consideration, like the linguistic, cultural, political and legal differences of the target market or country. This is where localization comes in.

What is localization?

Localization means adapting a product or content to fit a specific country or market. It is more than just translating texts. With localization, other elements are also modified, such as:

  • Images and colours

  • Design and layout

  • Currencies and measure units

  • Formatting (dates, punctuation, addresses)

  • Legal requirements

Localization makes your content look and feel as if it was created in the language of your target country. Localization helps you increase business revenue, attract more customers and reach a global audience.

Increase business revenue

When you communicate with your customers in a way they understand, they will feel more comfortable in purchasing products or services from you. You wouldn’t really buy a product or service you don’t understand, would you? By understanding what they are buying, it is more likely that your customers will be satisfied with their purchase, and this will keep them coming back.

Attract more customers

Localization shows your international audience that you respect their language, culture and traditions. This creates a connection. As a result, your own customers will help you spread the word about your business.

Reach a global audience

Making your localized product or service available globally will increase the popularity of your brand. Your brand will be more relevant to more people, in more international markets.

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